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The purpose of Narrative text is to entertain, create or stimulate emotions, motivate, guide, and teach reader.

Narrative text usually has a moral value. A narrative text may include folktales, myths, legends, etc.

The Generic Structure of Narrative Text
  • Orientation : Introduces main characters, setting, and time. The opening paragraph introduces characters/ participants of the story and sets the scene( when/where ).
  • Complication : the problem happens among the characters.
  • Resolution : The problem is solved, for better or worse. 

Example :

  1. Legend : Malin Kundang, Lake Toba
  2. Fable   : Birds and Snake, etc
  3. Fairy tale : Snow White, Cinderella
  4. Horror : The Wall, House of The Death
  5. Sciencefiction : Alien 

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